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Publishing with MSFrontPage and Appies™

Microsoft® FrontPage™ is a Website design and publishing tool produced by Microsoft®. Microsoft® has annouced the end of life for FrontPage™, you can see more information on Microsoft's® website > The Future of FrontPage™. Due to this end of life announcement, Microsoft® and Ready-to-Run Software, the makers of the Non-windows FrontPage™ Server Extensions, no longer support or provide updates to the Linux platform. You can see how this affects your FrontPage™ Website and the FrontPage™ server extensions here.

 Technical Note...

Why not just keep the FP extensions and not worry about updates?  The Apache webserver has already bypassed the development of the FP extensions.  This means, we as a hosting provider had to choose between having FP extensions installed on our servers or giving our users the latest, most secure, web software.  As will all end-of-life software, users of this software must find alternatives.

Here is a summary of that will still work with Frontpage™ for on Appies™ servers:

  • Date / Time
  • Comment
  • Photo Gallery
  • Substitution
  • Include
  • Themes
  • External Web
  • Navigation
  • Page Banner
  • Link Bar, Custom
  • Link Bar, Back / Next
  • Remote Web Site view
  • Connect to remote sites
  • Publish to FTP and DAV servers

Here are the features that will no longer work (these are the features that require the end-of-life extensions):

  • Top 10 Lists
  • Save Form Results (E-mail, File)
  • Reports
  • Search Form and Table of Contents options for various template wizards
  • User Registration template
  • Database Results
  • Save Results to Database
  • Search Current Web
  • Hit Counter
  • Include Page Based on Schedule
  • Include Picture Based on Schedule
  • Table of Contents
  • Visual InterDev Navigation Bar
  • Table of Contents template

The most used FrontPage™ extension that will affect most websites, is the html form. You will have to change your html forms to use you can see the Appies™ Docs on formmail here.

 Helpful Hint...

Formmail is a third party script, all Appies™ hosting accounts are provided with the script in your cgi-bin, it is setup and ready to use without you having to modify anything.  The full documentation for is found here

The html form tag and the recipient are the things that change.

Microsoft® provides documentation on Publishing your website to an FTP server you can see the Documentation here. You will publish to ftp://yourdomain/html/ and be promted for your ftp user and password.

 Be Careful...

Failure to publish to the correct location will totally overwrite your hosting account, We will have to reset your account to the way it was day one, you will loose everything.

Remember to publish to ftp://yourdomain/html/


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